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"This is literally so cool, it almost feels illegal to know this website!"

UC Berkley Student

"I used it for the first time today and I am blown away it's like i am writing with two brains 🧠 "

SEO Writer

"Damnnn relevant words just appear! great job, now I'm gonna go ace some essays"

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Startup Founder

"Jeezus Christ, this is beyond. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that such a thing was possible."

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"Thank you. Jenni has helped me so much in developing sentences that would normally be a dead-end."

UCLA Student

Frequently asked questions

Does Jenni use GPT-3?

Jenni is currently the most advanced writing system. We use a combination of our own in-house AI systems, GPT-3, as well as custom data from each user to generate the highest quality content on the market.

Does Jenni write my article from scratch?

You're still the author of your own content. Jenni helps you write more efficiently by removing repetitive and tedious hurdles so you can focus on the creative side of content writing. It is still your responsibility to fact check and ensure all facts/statements generated by Jenni AI are verifiable and true!

Is Jenni Plagiarism Free?

When Jenni generates content she strives to generate content that has 0% plagiarism. However, occasionally there may be sentences that Jenni writes that also happen to be on the web.

Jenni has a built-in plagiarism checker allowing you to check your final document before exporting.

Ready to End Writer's Block?

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