Join us to take the 'artificial' out of AI

Open positions


We are looking for the brightest minds to join us in revolutionizing human + AI collaboration.

You can deliver with little guidance, learn fast and adapt to changing product requirements. Being in a startup is fast-moving and risky - and this is precisely the environment you thrive in.

We are a distributed remote-first team. Work schedule is flexible with flexible paid-time-off.

Software Engineer (Full-Stack)

As a full-stack software engineer, you are capable of building both the front and back end of the application. You are our core product builders for Jenni. You have a breadth of programming knowledge and the ability to deliver out-of-the-box solutions for challenging problems. Your responsibilities will extend from designing system architecture to high-level programming, performance testing, and systems integration. You should have advanced programming skills, experience with application development, and excellent troubleshooting skills.


  • Excellent programming skills in TypeScript in both web and Node JS.

  • A solid understanding of data structures, algorithms, and functional programming.

  • Excellent at creating highly optimized and interactive web experiences with React and MobX.

  • Familiarity with real-time technologies for developing collaborative applications such as gRPC and WebSockets.

  • Experience working with serverless architectures and cloud functions (on Google Cloud or equivalent).

  • Experience with using database systems such as Firebase, PostgreSQL, or NoSQL.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with developing Chrome extensions.

  • Experience working in an agile development environment and test-driven development.

  • Strong communication (English) and interpersonal skills along with the drive to work in a rapidly changing startup environment.

Work schedule: Full time (specific hours are flexible)

Location: Remote or hybrid (San Francisco Bay Area, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore). We do annual physical meetups.

Compensation: A combination of salary and stock options

User Experience Designer (UX)

User experience designers (UX) at Jenni are techno-anthropologists who are obsessed with studying people and understanding their problems. You are observant and are able to discover user behavior and patterns. Your mission is to create a product to solve these problems in a manner that feels compelling, seamless, and satisfying. Achieving this requires designing user flows, wireframes, building user interface mockups, and prototypes. At every stage, you are building the bridge between humans and AI technology.


  • Experience with design tools (e.g., Framer, Figma, Adobe Suite).

  • Experience in graphic design, human-computer interaction, computer science, or related fields.

  • Experience designing complex or enterprise software is preferred.

  • Experience with user research, usability testing and the scientific method (e.g., experience prototypes, think aloud experiments, heuristic evaluations).

  • A design portfolio that demonstrates a strong understanding of design principles for web and/or mobile platforms

Preferred Qualifications

  • Strong design background along with relevant experience in interaction, graphic design, or motion design.

  • Proficient in English and writing experimental reports.

  • Solid analytical, creative and visual thinker with excellent communication skills, both verbal and visual with the drive to work in a rapidly changing startup atmosphere.

  • A passion for talking to customers and running observational experiments.

Work schedule: Full time and fully remote (specific hours are flexible)

Compensation: A combination of salary and stock options