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Jenni is the ultimate SEO content editor that saves you hours of content ideation and writing time.

Breaking Writer's Block

Discover important questions and content gaps that will allow you to outrank your competition. Jenni organizes your sources into headings and guiding questions that you should answer to satisfy your search intent.

Write with AI-assistance

Jenni can synthesize information from various sources to generate or rephrase text so that you have a viable starting point to craft your content.

Post with Confidence

Jenni analyzes topic relevance and readability to give you an article composite score. Jenni's analytics help you optimize your content to outrank your competition.

Let AI boost your writing flow.

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You've got questions? We've got answers.
Do I still need to write my articles from scratch?

Our tools enable writers to write more efficiently by removing repetitive and tedious hurdles and helps with content ideation. Jenni does the grueling work so you can focus on the creative side of content creation.

Does Jenni use GPT-3?

Some of our features use GPT-3. We combine GPT-3 with our in-house AI technology to bring you an enhanced experience. If you want to learn more about GPT-3 and SEO, you can read our blog post about it.

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We are currently offering an early access package of Jenni's toolkit to a small group of testers whose feedback will shape our product. The ideal candidates are SEO agencies who already produce content, have a good understanding of on-page ranking, and are interested in cutting-edge technology. Sign up on our waitlist and we will reach out when we're ready for you.

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