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We provide high-quality SEO content to engage your users and drive organic growth. Our affordable tailored content will consistently surprise you with its readibility and new insights. The new era of AI driven content marketing is here and we will give you the edge to outrank your competition.

How it Works

To deliver you the best quality content, we adopt a hybrid human + AI approach to bring the best of both worlds. Here is how it works.

1 Define the Topic

Jenni is an AI system that has been trained to write a variety of topics. All you need to do is specify the topic you want to write about and the relevant keywords.

2 Find the Facts

Jenni reads relevant articles on Google to learn what ranks highly and what keywords are frequently being used. This extracted data is used to produce factually correct content.

3 Generate the Article

Jenni then collaborates with our in-house editor to generate original articles. Our editor ensures quality excellence before sending it out to you.

That's all it takes! You'll get your new article within 5 business days.

Why Us?

Premium Quality

Jenni produces grammatically correct, plagiarism free, richly written content by extracting key information from top ranking articles that you are competing with.


Articles written by professional writers can be costly and time consuming. Jenni is an easy to use content platform that generates articles in an affordable and timely manner.


Jenni follows the same algorithm to produce high quality articles regardless of topic or word length. Gone are the days of being disappointed by mediocre content writers and/or missed deadlines.

Samples Written by Jenni

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Check out what our customers have been saying about Jenni.

The most difficult part of creating an authoritative article on a topic that you know nothing about is the research. The future of content research is AI and this is the power of jenni.ai. With this service you get AI to research the topic and return expert written SEO optimized content, which is then moulded and perfected by a human editor. It really is the best of both worlds and I highly recommend it. A 1,500 word article researched and written by an expert will cost US$100 or more. Save your money and use jenni.ai to get authoritative content at a fraction of the cost of hiring an expert.

Ryan Hough

Subscription Plan


4.5K words  for
$225  per month

Approximately 3 articles
with 1,500 words per article

$0.050 per word


15.0K words  for
$699  per month

Approximately 10 articles
with 1,500 words per article

$0.047 per word

Restricted to topics that are not too technical.

Enterprise? Need more articles? Contact us for a custom plan.

*Prices are subject to change during our beta. *Unused articles do not rollover month to month.


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