Feb 2, 2023

Will I get caught using ChatGPT for my Schoolwork?

Considering using ChatGPT for your homework but you aren't sure if your teacher might find out? Here's what you need to know. 

Ever since the release of ChatGPT, students all over the world have been using it to speed up their schoolwork because ChatGPT is a useful tool for school papers, college essays, and even homework! However, many students are hesitant to use ChatGPT because they think that their teachers might find out. 

We'll go through some of the more common questions students have about using ChatGPT for their homework and see if we can shed some light on the situation.

Can my teacher find out if I am using ChatGPT?

The quick answer is Yes. Teachers can employ a variety of different methods to detect ChatGPT or other AI usage. They can use plagiarism checkers or AI content checkers. They can also compare the quality of your work to previously submitted work.

ChatGPT uses an artificial intelligence engine that has a combination of GPT-3.5 language technology that is trained to understand and generate text based on a large collection of data.

The language technology model GPT-3.5 is easily detectable by other AI-detecting applications like originality.ai, contentscale.ai, and writer.com to name a few. Since most AI detection software applications are free and most AI languages follow a certain pattern for generation, teachers can easily detect the use of ChatGPT and other GPT-3.5 technology.

However, if your English teacher does not necessarily prohibit the use of AI software like Chat GPT, then there is nothing to worry about.

What is Chat GPT?

ChatGPT is a newly released software that uses artificial intelligence to generate written content based on a data set you provide it. Essentially, the software reads the text you enter and uses that data to generate an original essay or paper that you can use for school projects or assignments.

With new technology like this that can basically generate your schoolwork for you, students have been taking full advantage of this tool to breeze through their schoolwork and improve their grades with minimal effort! With a wide range of subjects covered including English, history, math, science, and more, students are able to use ChatGPT to create original papers.

What are GPT-3 Chatbots?

GPT-3 is a third-generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer. This machine-learning model is trained to use an algorithm to generate text from various sources throughout the internet. A lot of people have been scaling this technology for their businesses to assist their customers with writing their content by automating the process using GPT-3.

To name some businesses that use GPT-3 for their business, we have Jenni.ai, Grammarly, Quip, CopyPress, and so much more. In short, we are entering an era where technology like the GPT-3 is able to help humans complete technical jobs with so much more ease than ever before

Why do students use Chat GPT?

Since the beta release of ChatGPT in late November 2022, people and students alike have been using its software for all sorts of things.

ChatGPT can be used to create cover letters, reports, assignments, essays, and even presentations! Students use ChatGPT because of its ease of use and the excellent quality of its writing.

ChatGPT can be used for programming ventures too! ChatGPT is able to learn the process done by humans and generate a programming code with that set of knowledge. This can be very helpful for students learning to program by allowing them to skip over some of the more tedious parts of the learning process such as learning how to write code from scratch.

You can also use ChatGPT to check for errors in your coding and help identify what parts may need to be rewritten in order to make the code more efficient and functional.

In short, ChatGPT is a useful piece of software that can be used for a variety of different purposes.

Should I use ChatGPT?

If you don’t want to get caught, we don’t really recommend using ChatGPT to generate all of your work, but we do understand that ChatGPT can be used to make your life easier by completing your work and requirements 10x faster. This software is created for the purpose of helping humans accomplish tasks faster so that they could focus more on other aspects of their business or lives.

But you should not rely on this software alone to get your tasks done especially in middle school and high school work. AI software like this should not be 100% relied on since it can have errors and sometimes may generate work that is completely inaccurate. You also lose a lot of the benefit of developing your own critical thinking skills.

A useful strategy for students to do with software like this is to have the AI support or assist your work. Jenni.ai is another application that uses a GPT-3, the new GPT-4 language model and other in-house specifically trained tools that does this best. It can be used to support your work while you create your writing prompts, essays, and assignments. AI is easily detectable these days. So it is critical that you check with your school/university before using any AI assisted tools - and if you are allowed to use AI tools, it's important to consider tools that assist your writing process - not replace it. An AI essay writer tool can be an invaluable asset to your education, but it does not replace critical thinking and hard work.  

ChatGPT Features

Now that we basically know what ChatGPT is, let's now discuss the useful features it comes with to help you understand better what type of work you want to use it on.


  • Writing Articles/Creating Written Content - Since Chat GPT uses a natural approach to generating text, it also generates quality written content that is interesting to read and easy to understand. You can have it generate any sort of written content of your choice. It can create full-blow articles, cover letters, copywriting work, writing prompts, blog posts, product descriptions, and more.

  • Create Codes - Another useful feature that Chat GPT comes with is the ability to generate code based on your specifications. It can automatically generate program codes with just simple text commands. Chat GPT can also complete your unfinished codes and check for errors and mistakes for you if you feel like you cannot seem the find the error in your code.

  • Solve Complex Math Problems - Chat GPT can do it all! It can solve all types of Mathematical problems and it can even provide you with equations and explanations on how to do them. It's capable of solving problems involving Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, and basic number theory. It also has the ability to solve other types of problems including probability and logic-based problems.

  • Open Domain - This feature enables the ability of Chat GPT to solve all different types of problems regardless of the type of problem it is. The downside is sometimes it may generate inaccurate or incorrect premises, due to a lack of resources, but OpenAI collects user data for additional resources to train Chat GPT to have an adaptive learning software over time so that it can provide more accurate information and better results to the users.


Looking for artificial intelligence tools similar to Chat GPT to enhance and support your work productivity?

Here are some of our best picks:

Jenni.ai - One of the best alternatives to Chat GPT that uses GPT-3.5, GPT-4 and other in-house AI technology to assist writers to create all sorts of content.

By utilizing a variety of tools, including in-house AI technology, OpenAI, Al21, and client-provided data, Jenni.ai is able to create top-notch AI-generated content that meets the highest standards of the industry and is our top pick if you are looking for Chat GPT alternatives.

Essaybot - This is a great alternative for Chat GPT if you are looking to generate various written content like essays, project assignments, reports, reviews, etc. It has a robust essay database from which you can draw information to create original and authentic essays of your own.

Papertyper - This is another alternative to Chat GPT that you can use to write high-quality academic papers in any field that you are studying in. One great thing about Papertyper is that you can use it for free, just like Chat GPT.

Chatsonic - This is another conversational chatbot like just like Chat GPT. This software is built to overtake all of the limitations of Chat GPT. Some of the benefits of using Chatsonic are that it can handle complex tasks and allows you to build context-specific responses based on individual user behaviour and preferences. It also offers a more dynamic and engaging experience because it can display rich media instead of just text. 

Jasper Chat - If you are looking for a more personalized chatbot like Chat GPT, then Jasper Chat might be the right option for you. With Jasper chat, you can have surprisingly natural conversations with this AI. You can ask it to create or revise content. You can even make it tell you a joke! 

To sum it all up

You can definitely use ChatGPT or any artificial intelligence chatbots to their full potential by creating assignments and all sorts of tasks for yourself or your team, but if you want to expand your horizons even further and try some alternative options like our top recommendation Jenni.ai instead, they are there for you to try out and see if they will work for you as well.

There are certain risks of getting caught with using ChatGPT, that's why we recommend integrating a human approach while having AI assist you throughout your writing process whenever possible, depending on your educational goals and the nature of the work you are doing with your chatbot. You should not use AI to replace your own brain and if your school or university explicitly forbids AI - definitely do not use it. It is not worth the risk to your academic experience. However, plenty of schools and universities are increasingly open to the idea of AI-assisted work. Have an open and honest conversation with your professor about it. That is the best way to approach it.

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