Sep 10, 2020

Top 5 Alternatives to TextBroker

You need content that will get you to the top of Google and keep you there. Whether it's for blog posts, website copy, or even product descriptions, the better your content the more visitors you will get.

For clients who need new and well-written content, how does one find these engaging and eager writers? On top of this, how do you ultimately find good writers? Like any form of expression, whether it's something as structured as studio art or in the entertainment business, a good premise (aka the content's basic outline) is only brought to its full potential with good execution. You may have figured out the right way to convey your business's personal branding but without the right way to word it, your business's message may be lost in the slush of content pumped out on the internet.  

Arising to tackle these dilemmas are SEO content and writing services, sometimes more informally known as content mills. Online platforms that focus on providing SEO content and writing services are centralized hubs that gather writers to assist your content needs. These online platforms supplying SEO content writing and articles stress not only the high caliber of their writers but also the fast turnaround speed for clients' requests.

Many SEO content writing services offer cheap, low-quality content.

While the idea of affordable content and the high turnaround rate seems like an overall budget-friendly option, SEO content writing services are not well-known exactly for their quality—in fact, they are also infamous for producing huge amounts of low-quality articles while writers scramble for pennies paid for their work.

One such SEO content writing service that has faced close scrutiny from freelance writers and fellow online platforms is TextBroker. While TextBroker isn't the only SEO content writing service operator that has faced close scrutiny, analyzing critiques of the website point out some of the hurdles you may encounter when searching for the right content writing service platform.

Why You Should Avoid TextBroker

1. Loose Quality Assurance

TextBroker gives higher quality articles for a higher price.

In an era where anything is accessible by the tip of a finger through a search engine, accuracy and speed are important values in

the production of content. The same goes for writing—however, sometimes trying to churn out a piece of writing too fast can lead to more than just inaccurately written articles.

While many SEO content writing service platforms allow clients to choose the quality of the writing for their requested article, sometimes to save costs, these platforms even allow simple grammar mistakes and typos for articles that are ranked a lower quality.

2. Unfair Treatment of Clients and Writers

Writers of equal skill and unequal pay aren't equally motivated.

One common frustration clients often have for SEO content writing services is not knowing when requests will be finished or when requests go unfulfilled past their deadline. Especially with larger content writing services, clients are often left frustrated with the lack of timely response to their concerns and questions.

On the flip side, writers also face challenges when working for an SEO content writing service: fair pay. Many content mills pay writers less than 1 cent a word, which is a large disparity compared to the 10 cents per word most independent freelancers set their rate at. With such low pay, writers are often and reasonably unmotivated.

3. Lack of Focused Expertise

An expert in Netflix isn't necessarily an expert in health.

How one would write an article listing the most popular TV shows of the decade is going to differ tremendously from a how-to article about fixing your drainage pipes. The fact is you need experts or individuals with specific backgrounds to thoroughly write accurate content. In the case of many online platforms providing SEO content writing services, writers who are just starting out and with none of the proper credentials are often given assignments that need specific expertise.

While it's hard to say how to entirely avoid these top 3 obstacles when it comes to sourcing a good SEO content writing provider, we examined the current companies in the market, what SEO marketers are currently using, and have come up with a list of top 5 alternatives to TextBroker. These alternatives not only ensure high-quality content, timely turnaround rate, and fair treatment of clients and writers; they also provide more extensive perks/scope for high-quality content.

Top Alternatives to TextBroker

1. DIY with Jenni

This might surprise you, but one good alternative to content production is to first try to write content for yourself. Whether you are running a startup, creating a small business, or an SEO marketer managing several clients, it is very likely that you know your niche and business better than others. After all, you created your business for a reason - to solve a customer pain point others have not fulfilled.

Writing content for yourself will guarantee that you have full oversight and quality control of the content developed. The obvious downside is the time and effort it takes. Plus, not everyone is a trained writer with the ability to key into the writing style, tone, and lingo specific to your industry and help your brand stand out among your competition.

We've built Jenni to transform your writing experience, helping you craft quality content efficiently. As one of the few SEO content writing tools utilizing an AI assistant, Jenni aids in ideating and developing content for targeted search queries. Beyond SEO, Jenni's AI capabilities are also adept at academic tasks, such as essay writing. While we don't seek to replace your in-house writers, Jenni's AI complements their creativity, ensuring faster, more effective writing across various domains.

2. UpWork

UpWork Prices:

- Free to post jobs*

- Standard plan starts from $49.99

* UpWork assigns a 3% administrative fee on all jobs and assignments taken

While UpWork is generally known as a freelancer hub that offers freelance opportunities beyond writing, UpWork is also a great place to look for that one content writer who will fit your writing needs perfectly. Considering how writers have to send a sample of their portfolio as well as a proposal for your specific writing project, it's easier to find the perfect fit for your writing needs rather than swimming through the lists of profiles.

On the other hand, you're not restricted to just proposals and portfolios sent by interested writers; you can also scout for writers. One transparency-friendly feature of UpWork is that you're able to see client reviews for a writer's work, allowing you a glance at not only the writer's work but also how the writer actualizes the project. UpWork also provides a degree of flexibility as to how you would like the contracting to work with the writer as well—do you only want a short-term project done? Do you want to work with the writer on a more extensive level?

While UpWork won't necessarily do the work for you, it will facilitate the means and give you the proper tools to work with their talent. UpWork offers management services for your online platform and also provides a high-tech, streamlined platform that allows for video chats.

3. WriterAccess

Prices for WriterAccess:

- $39 to $99 a month

- 14-day free trial

WriterAccess, like many other SEO content writing service providers, has a pool of writers, content strategists, and translators clients can choose from. However, in comparison to the rest of the market, WriterAccess provides a competitive edge—once you pick writers you're interested in working with, you can set them up to participate in a writing contest for your project. This pushes writers to produce work not only in a timely manner but also their best work most suitable for your writing needs.

WriterAccess also employs AI technology but unlike Jenni, which collaborates AI with writers, the AI in WriterAccess's system is geared towards clients and helping them match their writing needs to the appropriate writer. With the StyleMetrics AI helper, simply drop in the text that best represents your business's branding and the StyleMetrics AI will help link you to writers whose styles and background match your given text sample. Given how important it is to maintain your brand's image, finding a writer who complements your style will speed up the process and ensure quality control compared to having a new writer experiment when writing content for your business.

WriterAccess also has a CMS management option where you can leave the growth of organic SEO traffic to their team of experts. While this does mean a higher monthly price on average, for some business owners with more pressing priorities this frees up time to concentrate on their business's development.

4. Scripted

Prices for Scripted:

- 1-month free trial

- $149 to $299 a month

Scripted offers a space where you can search for writers that can assist with projects outside of just articles and website copy—social media posts, ghostwriting, and newsletters are also included among the writing specialties offered by Scripted's writers. Furthermore, Scripted has a strict vetting process and their writers typically have industry background/experience, meaning you're not working with a writer who has to do research from scratch for your content request.

Scripted also allows you to see samples of a writer's work first before you onboard them—an extra step valuable to maintaining transparency and clear communication channels. Not only does this give power to clients who need writers with specific expertise or writing background, but it also helps writers find work that fits their niche and experiences, making the process more in the power of folks that need it and in the power of those who write for it.

5. BoostContent

BoostContent's Prices:

- 3 euros/100 words (articles) and 5 euros/100 words(translations)

BoostContent's main perk is producing SEO content writing for a more international scale. For those who have content writing needs spanning past the English language, look no further as BoostContent provides language support for over 20 different languages. This is especially useful for those who want to market more to an international audience and know better than to use Google Translate for your product descriptions. While many may argue that at times, learners of a second language are more proficient grammar-wise in comparison to native speakers, native speakers tend to have the cultural knowledge, ability to smoothly word-play, and frame content in an easy-to-understand perspective— necessary when marketing to an audience overseas.

Another interesting system feature to BoostContent is its peer editing system—writers help proofread each other's articles, ensuring that a trained and well-experienced eye goes through every single article before delivery. In addition to this, BoostContent also has a direct-to-blog posting service, meaning you can have a seamless transition of your article to your blog whenever needed.


As much as everyone hopes and plans for the best, outsourcing content writing to third-party providers can have its ups-and-downs and at times, its results may be unpredictable. Some content writing service providers focus on bridging clients and their prospective talent together while others facilitate SEO content writing with their own team of assembled writers. Depending on your SEO content needs, not all systems are made equal.

At Jenni, we democratize the process by using AI to free writers with time to do what they need to do—write. No more time spent sifting through Google and fluffing up articles with filler sentences.

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