Jan 26, 2024

Smodin.io Review 2024: Features, Pros, and Cons - Is it worth it?

Looking for an AI writing assistant designed to help writers of all levels hone their skills? Read on! 

Writing blog posts and essays have never been easier with Smodin. It is an AI assistant tool that uses natural language processing technology that aids and generates content for the user with their writing process in a matter of minutes.

Generate essays in minutes with its intuitive user interface where you input words in the textbox to describe your own personalized content, essay or article and Smodin will generate it for you. You don't even need a plagiarism checker because the finished product produces plagiarism-free, unique, and high-quality articles. 

With all the popular applications available out there, Smodin is definitely an incredible product worth trying if you want to take your passion for writing to the next level!


Smodin.io offers a wide range of features to help writers improve their writing skills. Some of the key features include:

  • Grammar and punctuation checking: Smodin.io uses advanced NLP technology to analyze text and identify grammar and punctuation errors. The tool will then provide suggestions for how to fix the errors, making it easy for writers to improve their writing skills.

  • Style suggestions: Smodin.io also provides suggestions for style, including word choice, sentence structure, and more. This can help writers to improve their writing style and make their text more engaging and effective.

  • Plagiarism checker: Smodin.io also includes a plagiarism-checking feature, which can help writers ensure that their work is original content and not copied from various other sources.

  • Article Rewriter Tool: Smodin.io has an online paraphrasing tool that uses machine learning to rewrite articles. They also use a feature on which you can decide how complex or how simple you want your article to be rewritten.


Aside from the multiple online tools Smodin offers, they also have a range of pricing options that suit different needs. 

  • Limited - This is Smodin's free starter plan - a limited introduction to their tools that allows users 3 credits per day, 5 limited entries to the rewriter, plagiarism checker, and translator (all capped out at 1000 words)

  • Essentials - This is Smodin.io's most popular subscription-based product that gives access to all the features they offer such as; Unlimited rewrites, unlimited plagiarism checks, unlimited translations to different languages, access to author tools and so much more. Annually priced at $10 per month, Smodin also includes 100 credits to your account which is about 15,000 words. 

  • Productive - This plan offers the best value priced at 29$ per month. This includes everything stated in Essentials plus Google Scholar Search which enables users to use google scholar while checking for plagiarism. 

Pros and Cons


  1. Uses advanced NLP technology that provides useful and accurate suggestions for grammar, punctuation, and style

  2. Supports multiple languages (Multi-lingual grammar correction, Multi-lingual translator)

  3. Generates effective content for the user's writing process

  4. Integration with multiple tools such as plagiarism checker, paraphrase generator, citation generator, and more.


  1. The free plan is very limited 


Here are a couple of our recommendations similar to Smodin.io for the Best AI Assistants available this 2024:

Jenni.ai - One of the absolute best software when it comes to creating content, Jenni enables users to generate professional articles, essays and all types of content. 

Content creation has never been easier with Jenni.ai. Never sound like a robot again with its natural language processing technology that enables users to create human-like and readable personalized content for you. 

Jenni.ai is able to create top-notch AI-generated content by utilizing a variety of tools such as in-house AI technology, OpenAI, Al21, and client-provided data.

  • Original Content - Jenni makes sure that the generated content for your essays and articles is 100% plagiarism-free.

  • Don't like what Jenni is suggesting? Easily refresh the automatic text generator with simple inputs.

  • Perfect Grammar - Grammar and punctuation are what make an average article become a perfect one. Jenni assists the users throughout the writing process in order to create a perfect article with its grammar correction and suggestion feature.

CopyAI - One of the best content creation tools for copywriting. It has many use cases to generate different types of copywriting content and marketing materials such as creating posts for online stores, commercial writing, product review writing, blog posts and more. 

  • Fantastic for creating sales copy

  • A perfect tool for product descriptions and social ads

  • Offers a 7-day free trial

Rytr.me - Similar to Smodin, Ryter is an AI writing assistant that helps users generate high-quality content for business ideas, blog posts, Emails, copywriting and more. 

  • It has a fantastic user interface that allows users to easily create any type of content 

  • Supports multiple languages (29)

  • Has a built-in plagiarism checker 

  • Magic command tool that enables users to generate personalized content 


In our opinion, Smodin.io is a fantastic AI assistant and generator for content creation, essay writing, marketing content and more. Though it offers a very limited free plan, it still has a wide variety of use cases. The paid subscription Essentials plan is also very affordable that comes with a wider range of tools and features. 

But when it comes to being an all-around AI writing assistant app, our best bet would be Jenni.ai - it specializes in content writing, copywriting, search engine optimization or pretty much anything! Jenni can paraphrase, auto-complete and etc. One of the determining features of Jenni.ai is its in-text citations for referencing. 

Smodin.io is a great product to try out, but Jenni.ai is such an incredible product to pass up on.


  • Is Smodin.io free?

Smodin.io offers a free starter plan with multiple limited features and credits.

  • How much does Smodin.io cost?

Smodin has different pricing plans which include the Starter(free), Essentials($10 per month), and Productive ($29 per month)

  • How do I subscribe to Smodin?

Go to Smodin's pricing page and sign up or create an account, select a plan of your choice, complete the payment and begin writing with Smodin!

  • Does Smodin offer refunds?

Unfortunately, they do not offer refunds due to Smodin's pricing plans being a digital purchase. 

  • Does Smodin.io offer different languages?

Yes, Smodin has access to 100 different languages for rewriting.

  • How can I delete my Smodin account?

To delete your account, you must contact Smodin.io directly on their Contact Us page.

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