Dec 20, 2022

Jenni.AI vs Copy.AI

There's a lot to unpack when it comes to Jenni AI vs CopyAI so let's jump right in!

Jenni AI and Copy AI are both excellent tools for writing that allow users to produce high-quality content quickly and easily. Both AI-Driven editing tools have their pros and cons, so it's important to know what sets them apart before making a decision.

To start this comparison piece between Jenni AI and CopyAI, let's get into the most important aspect!

Are Jenni AI and CopyAI free?

The answer is yes! Both Jenni AI and Copy AI have free plans where you can try the tool without even putting in your credit card.

Both Jenni AI and CopyAI are content creation tools that run on freemium plans, which means you can try the tool continuously until you decide to upgrade!

Jenni AI's key features give you 500 words initially, then 200 words per day (6000+ words) and CopyAI gives you 2000 words per month!

Jenni AI

Jenni AI focuses on speeding up your writing while also keeping you in the driver's seat. With over 500,000 users and 15 million+ words generated, Jenni AI is loved for its advanced auto-complete and for removing writer's block!

Jenni can be used for almost any type of content but is especially good for blogs, essays, emails, and even resumes.

Here’s a quick review of Jenni AI's Key Features.

  • Usability: Most users are able to start generating any type of content on Jenni AI within the first 60 seconds. The design of their editor is simple and easy to use, even for beginners! Their user interface is also very intuitive and provides fast access to AI features that every writer needs.

  • Versatility: Jenni AI has 50+ use cases for its content creation process, including 'freestyle' where you can open up a new document and see where Jenni takes you!

  • Quality of Support: Jenni AI offers excellent customer support through resources, FAQs, guides, live chat, and a private community. The team is very helpful and responsive when answering any technical or non-technical questions you may have!

  • Great for Students: Jenni AI is particularly great for students as many of its powerful features are geared towards making the essay writing process easier and more efficient.

Overall, Jenni AI is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to save time while producing great content!

Jenni AI Features

  • Generating citations so that you know what sources were consulted as you generate!

  • 50+ use cases, and unique tones you can select from to add personality to your content

  • Transform your text with “Paraphrase” or “Simplify” or any custom command you want :)

  • Built-in Grammar checker (partnered with Grammarly!)

  • Can cycle through unlimited content ideas for anything you generate

Jenni AI Pros

  • Very generous freemium plan (6000 words/month)

  • Uses custom high-quality AI for all generations

  • Honed content outputs and easy-to-understand design

  • You are only charged for the words you accept!

  • Excellent customer support and great community

Marketers use Jenni AI at:

Meta, Stanford, Yale, Adidas, Walmart, Microsoft, and Twitter

Jenni AI Pricing Plans

  • Free: $0/mo, generate 6,000 words per month, with all use cases available

  • Saver: $21/mo, generate 18,000 words per month (only counts words that you accept!)

  • Enterprise: $128/mo, generate 96,000 words per month (perfect for larger teams)

Our take on Jenni AI

Along with a range of features, Jenny AI is a virtual AI assistant that can help you with your writing process 5-10x faster. With their citations feature, you can get AI content that also has authority! With some of the most affordable price points on the market paired with high-quality AI generations, Jenni AI is perfect for writers who want to produce quality content fast.


CopyAI helps you generate copy and content for your site. They use a basic step-by-step process to help you get your short-form copy fast!

You can get up to 10 different versions of your content and choose which one you like best.

They also have over 90+ generators…but if you're a marketer many of them may be irrelevant to you (baby name generator, wedding hashtag generator). But they’re still pretty unique features!

Let’s do a quick Copy.AI overview:

  • Usability: has a simple UI that makes it easy to use templates, customize to your liking, and review the AI text. You can get content with just a few headings and a few clicks!

  • Templates: 90+ different copywriting tools for ads, product descriptions, headlines and hero text, blog paragraphs, and sentence rewriters.

  • Languages: Over 25 languages are supported on CopyAI

  • Quality of Support: You can email or chat with the CopyAI support team if you have any problems/requests!

CopyAI Features

  • They have bios, email subject lines, sales emails, Instagram captions, TikTok ideas, name generators, paraphrasing, and...about 90 more things!

  • Over 25+ languages to generate in!

  • Grammar checking and tone analysis

  • Tone customizability

  • Up to 10 generations that you can choose from

CopyAI Pros

  • Great community and a dedicated help centre

  • Freemium model is for people who want to try it before buying

  • Project management on the dashboard

  • Some of their tools can even be used without an account like the blog post ideas generator

Marketers use CopyAI at:

eBay, Nestle, Microsoft, and Fringe

CopyAI Pricing

  • Freemium: This plan includes 2000 words per month

  • Pro: $35/month or $420 for the year for unlimited credits, unlimited projects, priority support, and access to their cool features

  • Enterprise: You can build a custom plan with their team

Our take on CopyAI

CopyAI is a great tool to get started on creating high-quality articles and any content. If you want fast content that can get you going, CopyAI is great for that. With 10 outputs you can choose the content that resonates with you the most and quickly start improving on that first draft.

Overall, CopyAI is a powerful tool for anyone looking to create high-quality content quickly and easily. Its advanced features, such as natural language processing and multi-language support, make it stand out from other content generation platforms. Its wide range of features, including blog outlines, SEO Assistant, and keyword optimization, make it a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. CopyAI is a valuable resource for anyone looking to generate high-quality content efficiently.


While both writing software tools are great in their own way, the flexibility of Jenni AI as well as the better deal of the enterprise plan makes Jenni AI our pick.

This is especially true if you are a student who is writing college essays or personal statements. With Jenni AI you can maintain the quality of your writing while getting it done 5-10x faster!

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