Mar 22, 2023

How To Make an Essay Outline (With Examples)

Ready to tackle that daunting essay assignment? A well-crafted outline is your secret weapon. Let's dive in!

Developing an outline for your essay is a fantastic method to keep yourself structured and keep track of everything you intend to include in it. Writing of any kind, from academic papers to artistic writing, can benefit enormously from having a strategy drawn up before beginning the process. Sadly, a great number of students and writers either need to be taught how to make an outline or are incapable of producing one appropriately. Our AI Essay Outline Generator can be a big help in this process, but it's still very useful to understand the process entirely before utilizing AI tools to make the process easier.

In the following sections, we will first provide an overview of the process of creating an outline, followed by specific directions and several examples of outlines for essays.

An essay outline serves both as a strategy for the essay you will write and as guidance while writing the essay. It will serve as the structure for the article that you expect to write. Included are both the thesis statement and the primary subjects that are addressed in each section. Before beginning work on a house, one needs to have a blueprint just as one needs a writing summary. It is feasible to write an essay without first developing an outline; however, doing so significantly increases the amount of work involved in the writing process and increases the likelihood of missing essential details. 

After the outline has been made, there is a way to remember everything. It will also be useful for: 

  • Get your thoughts and their contents in order.

  • Understand the flow of data

  • Keep track of a vital source or citation.

  • Wrap up your work quickly

 If anyone questions you, "Why do I need an outline for my essay?" you can tell them the following. Now, before you go ahead and begin crafting an essay outline, there are a few things you should bear in mind. Before you can even begin to write a summary for an essay, you need to have a firm grasp of the fundamental requirements.

Here are the guidelines:

  • There is a requirement that you read the instructions for your tasks thoroughly.

  • Grasp the point of your work.

  • Recognize your audience.

  • Keep marking as you gather information related to your topic.

  • Choose a format for your essay outlines, such as a basic bullet list or a more elaborate one with decimal points.

Writing an essay or study paper is much easier if you have an outline to refer back to as you progress.

What are the benefits of an essay outline?

  1. It helps you maintain order in your study materials. An organized outline is a great way to organize your thoughts and determine where you should include your study or rationale in an essay. By laying out your evidence in this manner, you can verify the validity of your thesis. If you can fill your plan with examples that back up your thesis, you have likely chosen a good one. If not, think again.

  2. It depicts a chain of reasoning that starts at the top and goes down to the details. The typical drawing format is alphanumeric. Specifically, they switch between using Roman numbers, uppercase letters, Arabic numerals, and lowercase letters to emphasize various points and subpoints. Staggered bullet points and decimal outlines are two additional essays outline examples.

  3. Being adaptable is made possible. You can write in complete sentences or use shorthand in your formal outline. The outline is not intended as a final draft but as a guide for creating the essay's material and discovering its best organizational structure.

Things to consider before writing an outline

  • Research

The success of your outline and essay rests on the thoroughness of your investigation. You can do this by citing credible sources and providing examples to back up your claims. The best way to speed up your study will depend on your level of education.

Search results from Google should not be used as references in academic works. Since the Internet is rife with fake news, it's important to check the reliability of your source before citing it. Sites like Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic,, Refseek, and Oxford Academic are examples of credible resources.

  • Organize

After settling on a subject and conducting the necessary research, you can begin crafting your outline. It needs the same structure as the rest of the essay, with an intro, body, and end. Have you ever jotted down a note you needed later but couldn't understand your handwriting? The material must either be more densely packed or written in illegible handwriting, contributing to this problem. Even if you're in a pinch for time, you should be independent of a sketchy outline. Therefore, you need to arrange your strategy to fit the structure of the essay. 

How to Make Outline for Essay

Outlining an essay is easy you can write an essay by following the outline and examples.


Useful methods to begin an introductory paragraph include anecdotes, proverbs, phrases, explanations, facts, quotes, and hard data. If you're writing an English essay, you can start by outlining the opening, which should include your thesis statement. The goal is to provide a roadmap, so keep statements short. 

Body paragraphs 

Each paragraph in the body should focus on one main point that reinforces your thesis and provide supporting evidence. Paragraph count varies with overall writing length. However, for the substance of a typical essay, you should plan on at least three or four paragraphs. Remember that each paragraph needs a topic phrase, at least two supporting ideas, and a connecting sentence.


This paragraph provides some background and a summary of all the essay's major points. The conclusion of a short paper needs only three to five lines.

8 examples essay of how to write an essay outline

  1. Argumentative Essay 

Mountain Biking, an Ideal Sport for Adults


Putting forth your position and supporting arguments should start the plan for your argumentative essay.

Thesis: There are many traditional activities that young people can choose from, but mountain biking is a fantastic alternative. 

Body Paragraph 1

In the plan for your argumentative essay, you should state your main point and provide evidence to back it up. 

Topic Sentence:  You can get the same health advantages from mountain biking that you would from any other kind of sport.

Detail Paragraph 1: 

It's a great way to work out and gain muscle power.

Detail Paragraph 2: 

It aids cardiovascular activity and serves as a heart disease preventative.

Body Paragraph 2

Bring up an alternative point of view and back it up with evidence.

Topic Sentence: Mountain biking provides some other benefits too.

Detail Paragraph 1: 

Learning how to ride a mountain bike is a forever skill.

Detail Paragraph 2: 

Regularly riding mountain biking can help you gain muscle mass, tone your body, and improve your overall fitness.

Detail Paragraph 3: 

Riders of mountain bikes can readily track their improvement.


Write a conclusion that restates your thesis and briefly summarises your strongest supporting points. Before you create your outline and first draught, it can be helpful to brainstorm specifics that support your point of view.

Concluding Sentence: 

In conclusion, tell the reader that mountain biking has many advantages over other popular youth activities, making it a good option for adults. 

  1. Narrative Essay

How Losing a Mountain Biking Meet Made Me a Better Mountain Biker


Your narrative essay's introduction should contain a thesis statement and outline of the paper's growth (POD).

Thesis: When I first tried professional mountain biking, I came in dead last. I would have placed higher in the State Championship Meet if my preparation and coaching had been more deliberate. 

Plan of development: After the first competition, I was so disheartened by my performance that I dedicated myself to getting in better shape. I was able to ride more efficiently and quickly as a consequence, which improved my performance greatly. 

Body Paragraph 1

Expand on your main point by including descriptive details, anecdotes, and examples in your essay.

Topic Sentence: Talk about your failure and how you felt after coming in last place at your first mountain biking competition, so you set out to improve.

Detail Paragraph 1: 

Tell me about how you put additional time with my coach and team leaders to acquire new strength training techniques.

Detail Paragraph 2: 

Talk about how you took up jogging and weightlifting to improve your general fitness.

Tell how your performance increased to the point where you could compete at the state finals.

Body Paragraph 2

Provide additional supporting details, descriptions, and experiences to develop your general idea in your essay writing. 

Topic Sentence:  How you gradually improved to the point where I won or placed first in most of my competitions.

Detail Paragraph 1: 

Because of your skill and conditioning, you increased both my speed and my range.

Detail Paragraph 2: 

Results-wise, you progressed to the point where you made it into the state finals. 

Body Paragraph 3

The next writing stage entails adding more information, such as supporting details, descriptions, and encounters. Then classify them accordingly.


Finish your narrative essay with a brief review of what you've written or some thoughts on what you hope the reader will take away from the experience. Give a quick summary of the information you provided in each section.

Concluding Sentence: 

After coming in dead last at my first mountain biking competition, I made it my mission to better myself for future events.

  1. Descriptive Essay

Visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame


Write a thesis statement introducing the person, location, thing, etc. that you will describe in your essay. 

Thesis: All categories of hockey fans will find something to enjoy at the Hockey Hall of Fame. 

Body Paragraph 1

The first step in writing any good story is to paint the picture. 

Topic Sentence:  The Hockey Hall of Fame honours both the novice and professional levels of the sport.

Detail Paragraph 1: 

Located in the heart of Toronto, the Hall attracts over a million visitors annually.

Detail Paragraph 2: 

The museum features displays covering the history of hockey from its earliest days to the present-day NHL and Olympian tournaments.

Body Paragraph 2

Describe or share more sensory details, feelings, or information. 

Topic Sentence:  There are various interactive exhibits and performances to check out. 

Detail Paragraph 1: 

Every chamber in the Hall is decked out in player memorabilia, from statues and plaques to jerseys.

Detail Paragraph 2: 

A lot of the displays have films and interactive media that put you right in the action.

Detail Paragraph 3: 

You can take on digital incarnations of some of the game's best goalies to further hone your puck-shooting skills.


Bring the essay to a close with a paragraph summarising your main points and the sensory information you've provided.

Concluding Sentence: 

Visiting Toronto's Hockey Hall of Fame is like being immersed in the game's greatest moments, stories, and memorabilia.

  1. Expository Essay

Why The School Year Should be Shorter


In an expository essay or any other form of academic writing, the thesis statement and the surrounding context introduce the paper's major argument or main point.

Thesis: To benefit students and teachers, save districts money, and see better academic outcomes, the school year should be shortened. The school years in other nations are shorter, and their students do better academically.

Body Paragraph 1

Outline your main point and back it up with proof. 

Topic Sentence:  It would benefit both students and instructors if the school year were shortened.

Detail Paragraph 1: 

Students and teachers would have more time to share with their loved ones.

Detail Paragraph 2: 

Instructors would return to the classroom feeling revitalized and ready to impart their knowledge to their students.

Body Paragraph 2

Add more details and proof to support your claims, just like in this sample essay outline. 

Topic Sentence:  Having students spend less time in school would save millions of dollars annually for public education systems.

Detail Paragraph 1: 

By having schools closed for longer, districts can save money on energy.

Detail Paragraph 2: 

Lower supply and transportation expenses are just one of the many benefits of a shortened school year.

Detail Paragraph 3: Students would do better on tests if they received enough sleep and were generally happy.

Body Paragraph 3

Add more information, proof, and analysis to the outline, just as you would in an essay.

Topic Sentence:  There would also be numerous advantages for parents and guardians if the school year were shortened.

Detail Paragraph 1: 

It would be easier and less time-consuming for families if the school year were shortened.

Detail Paragraph 2: 

Fewer school days would allow for more work-life balance for carers.


Include a summary of your primary argument and the significance of your supporting evidence and conclusion in the final paragraph of your essay.

Concluding Sentence: 

The quality of living for students, teachers, and parents would greatly improve if the school year could be shortened without negatively impacting district budgets or academic outcomes.

  1. Informative Essay

The Effects of Climate Change on Our Planet


Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today. With rising temperatures, changing weather patterns, and the melting of the polar ice caps, the impact of climate change is being felt across the globe. In this essay, we will explore the causes and effects of climate change and discuss what we can do to address this critical issue.


The causes of climate change can be attributed to a variety of human activities, including the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These actions have led to a steady increase in the Earth's temperature, resulting in a range of devastating effects. One of the most visible effects of climate change is the melting of the polar ice caps. As temperatures rise, the ice caps are shrinking at an alarming rate, which is causing sea levels to rise. This, in turn, is leading to more frequent and severe flooding in coastal areas around the world. Another effect of climate change is the changing weather patterns. As the Earth's temperature rises, we are experiencing more extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and heat waves. These events can cause significant damage to property and put lives at risk. Finally, climate change is having a significant impact on the world's ecosystems. Many plant and animal species are being pushed to the brink of extinction due to changes in their habitats and food sources.


In conclusion, climate change is one of the most significant challenges facing our planet today. The causes are clear, and the effects are being felt across the globe. However, there is still time to act. By reducing our carbon footprint, investing in renewable energy sources, and taking steps to protect our natural resources, we can help mitigate the effects of climate change and ensure a better future for generations to come.

  1. Admissions essays

Thank you! Mr Sato. 


In the intro, tell the readers that Mr Sato was your English teacher and because of her expertise in the field, you got your degree in English. 

Thesis: Then tell the reader that your decision to major in English during your senior year of high school profoundly affected your outlook on life. Because learning English can be challenging for native Japanese learners.

After this, give an account of your experiences in English class and how you felt like giving up.

Tell about how Sato Sensei urged you to stick with the Japanese rather than give up and learn something else.


As a Japanese student who has also studied English, I have gained a unique perspective that has prepared me well for a career in foreign business. 

  1. Persuasive essays

We Need More Security Cameras in the Student Parking Deck


Car thefts on campus are increasing

Thesis: The safety measures in place in the parking garage are inadequate at this time. Vehicles belonging to students are a constant target of theft. Provide data on auto burglaries and associated crimes, including the frequency of such crimes, the typical cost of repairing damaged vehicles, and the value of stolen items. The well-being of society benefits greatly from heightened security measures.

Use examples and quotations to illustrate the intangible benefits of improved safety.

Tell the benefits to outweigh the costs.

Provide evidence from other institutions that increased their security video coverage and saw a decrease in burglaries as a result.

Give the real price tag for a complete protection system.


Provide a summary of the discussion and stress the importance of school management making the student body's safety a top priority. Then, restate why installing additional surveillance cams in the garage is so important.

  1. Personal essays

The Two Best Birthdays of my Life


Describe your favourite birthday traditions and how you feel about holidays in general. 

Thesis: Firstly describe how you had the most fun on your 17th and 22nd anniversaries.

Talk about how your 17th birthday was memorable. Like, “I recently received my driver's license and drove to my first concert with some of my closest friends. The wristband and admission stub from that event is still in my possession.”

Then tell me about your 22nd birthday. For example;

“It took me a while to realize that nobody remembered my birthday. After I had given up hope of ever seeing the art exhibit I had been looking forward to, my siblings surprised me by driving six hours to pick me up and transport me there” 


In the conclusion tell summarize the key points of your essay and again tell your happiness.

To sum it all up:

When you're in high school or college, you'll inevitably have to compose several essays. Each type of essay for example argumentative, expository, and narrative follows a similar pattern with slight changes. The key to writing flawless papers that earn top marks is recognising these distinctions and properly structuring your work.

You should outline first to stay on track while writing your essay and not forget anything. Organizing your thoughts into an essay outline will help you compose stronger and more quickly. For the most part, you can recall all of the necessary essay elements. Your ability to analyze critically increases. Also, you improve as a writer. is a powerful AI-powered writing tool that is easily accessible online. Whether you need to quickly write an essay on any subject, such as how to write an essay outline, or simply want to enhance your writing skills, is an excellent option that can ease your life in several ways. With its advanced AI capabilities, this computer software can swiftly produce high-quality essays on any topic. In our opinion, if you're looking for a reliable writing assistant to help you with your essay writing tasks, give a try today!

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