Jan 25, 2023

5 Intriguing Essays about Food: Examples, Ideas, and More!

Food is easily one of the best things to enjoy in life with all the different cuisines and dishes out there. If you want inspiration to create a food essay, read on!

Food, the fundamental sustenance of life, is as diverse and intricate as the cultures from which it originates. Beyond its primary role of nourishing our bodies, it plays a pivotal part in our everyday lives, weaving a rich tapestry of flavors, aromas, and experiences. From the rich decadence of Italian pastas to the aromatic allure of Indian curries, the sizzle of street foods, and the comforting warmth of Chinese noodles, our world is brimming with culinary wonders waiting to be savored.

Exploring the vast universe of food through essays offers a tantalizing journey of discovery. Whether you're diving into the history of a particular dish, the socio-cultural importance of a cuisine, or simply recounting a memorable meal, there's no shortage of angles and stories to tell. If ever you're seeking inspiration or a starting point, online essay assistance tools can be a treasure trove of ideas to get the words flowing.

Here are our Top 5 Essay Examples and Ideas about Food: 

1. Importance of Food in Nutrition Essay


Food plays a major part in human existence and health. It provides us humans with the energy we need to survive and grow. Consuming a balanced diet every day is a fantastic way to live a healthy life.

To function properly, we also have to make sure that our human body is correctly consuming and absorbing enough nutrients and minerals. For example, if a person does not eat enough protein or drink enough water, this will affect how a person's body functions and they will begin to show symptoms such as weakness, fatigue and loss of muscle mass.

Hence, having a balanced diet is crucial for maintaining a healthy body. Junk foods might taste great and addictive, but it provides little to no nutritional value for your well-being.

A balanced diet consists of various food items such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk products and protein-rich foods. Thus, we need to strike a balance between different types of foods to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Nutrition and Physical Health

Our bodies are made up of different properties that work together to keep us alive and well. Nutrition and physical health work hand-in-hand to ensure that the different systems of the human body work properly and keep us functioning optimally. Without proper nutrition and proper physical fitness, our bodies will not be able to function properly.

A healthy diet ensures overall well-being that can protect against many different types of diseases as well.

  • 1st Study on Nutrition and Physical Health

In a study about Nutrition and Physical Health, research shows that proper nutrition combined with physical activity modulates health longevity by improving a person's body composition, bone strength and density, and cognitive performance, as well as reducing the risk of metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

  • 2nd Study on Nutrition and Physical Health

Proper exercise and nutrition are essential to a healthy body. Another study shows that students who exercise regularly and eat healthily tend to have higher grades (GPA) in class due to cognitive clarity and well-being than students who don't exercise regularly and eat junk foods. The study also showed that students who live a healthy lifestyle tend to enjoy better physical and mental health compared to those who don't.

Nutrition and Mental Health

Believe it or not, nutrition also plays a huge part in our mental health. In recent years, studies have shown that eating an unhealthy diet can be one of the leading factors for poor mental health.

A good example of this is consuming diets that contain a lot of refined sugars, carbohydrates, and processed foods can lead to fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

  • 1st study on Nutrition and Mental health

A study was conducted on a group of patients, Group A was the group of people who had a healthy diet consisting of high-protein foods, fruits, vegetables, and fibrous food. Group B was the group that had an unhealthy diet like fast food, processed food and soft drinks.

In this study, Groups A and B were evaluated for their mental health and brain functions through an MRI scan. The result proves that people in Group A had much more mental clarity and concentration as opposed to the people in Group B. This study shows that a healthy diet is essential to keep a healthy mind.

  • 2nd Study on Nutrition and Mental Health

Another research conducted by a team of Australian Scientists found that a poor diet that consists of artificial sweeteners and refined carbohydrates causes brain inflammation that can lead to permanent brain damage. In later stages of life, this can lead to conditions like Dementia, Alzheimer's, or even Depression.

This research by those Australian Scientists shows that a lot of long-term brain malfunctions and diseases can be prevented by just having a healthy diet filled with high nutritional value like protein-rich foods, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables.


Having a healthy diet is essential to humans because it not only improves your physical health, but Science has backed up that it can also improve your mental health. In our daily life, we tend to neglect our bodies and eat unhealthy foods without knowing the impact they will have on our mental and physical health. So it might be a good idea to eat more nutrition-friendly foods and reduce the amount of junk food that we eat daily.

2. Arabic Foods- Every Foodies Delight

"Bread, pita or flat, is an integral part of Arabic food. They are incorporated either on the side or included in some dishes like ‘Fatteh’. Among dairy products, the Arabs are fond of yoghurt made from cow’s or goat’s milk. This is consumed either as a thick condiment or in diluted form as a drink. Meat, mainly lamb or chicken is central to Arabic cuisine. Sometimes fish, other poultry, beef, camel and goat meat are also used; but pork is prohibited for religious reasons.

While fruits such as figs, olives, pomegranates and dates are eaten as a snack between meals, vegetables such as cucumbers, eggplant, okra, spinach and zucchini are included in the diet as raw salads, in the cooked form or as pickles.

Off of the grains, while rice is a staple, wheat is essential for making bread. Arabic food also uses lots of pulses such as fava beans, peanuts and chickpeas which are either eaten whole in salads or a mashed form as in ‘falafel’ or ‘hummus’.

A variety of spices are included in Arabic food preparations that contribute immensely to the fragrance and vibrant colours of the food items. Some typical spices and herbs used are saffron, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, sesame and sumac. A spice mixture called ‘Baharat’ is an indispensable part of this cuisine."

In this essay about Arabic food, the author discusses things like the history and ingredients used in Arabic Cuisine. Things such as Fatteh, Falafel, or Hummus are major parts of the Mediterranean Diet that a lot of people adore. 

3. Why I love Food - Shuge Luo

"I was brought up with this mindset to make the most of all foods, and as a result, I constantly push myself to use food creatively. I make pesto out of kale stems, toast the squash seeds for salad and repurpose my leftovers into brand-new dishes.

I love cooking because it’s a play exercise. Cooking is forgiving in improvisation, and it can often surprise you. For example, did you know that adding ginger juice to your fried rice adds a surprisingly refreshing flavour that whets your appetite? Neither did I, until my housemate showed me their experiment.

There’s one technique I always try to keep in mind when cooking: Create delight through contrast. A cooking anime I watched once dispensed advice that it’s more interesting to the palate to season your foods unevenly rather than uniformly.

I’ve thought about how this principle is reflected in foods I love. For example, imagine the joy of aromatic soup bursting from Shanghai xiao long bao or the dichotomy of textures between cream puff pastry and custard.

Cooking is an improvisational show. It’s creativity, diversity and fusion. But most of all, it’s play. The only rules are the ones you make, and there are always multiple ways to a scrumptious plate."

In this essay about her love for food, The author Shuge talks about her greatest passions which are food and cooking. She also talks about her personal history with different cultures she experienced in the UK, Singapore, the United States, and more. People's relationship with food stems from food innovations from different cultures and cuisines. 

4. The Culture of Italian Food 

"The country is full of flavours, tastes, and the quality of the different regions. Different varieties of food are seen to be eaten in each region because of access and what grows. Due to the climate, the soil, and the ingredients grown in the place, each region has a different blend of ingredients, and the locals would be required to incorporate their traditions into new recipes that combine fresh ingredients to make something delicious. A great variety of herbs and spices are used in all regions of the world, and there is a great deal of fish in the dishes. Typically, Italians cook simple dishes well known to their country, which is important because they're looking to capture the taste and all the flavours of a few quality ingredients to make a great meal.

Food is their passion, as everything becomes simple when they cook. The effort and time to create something beautiful with lots of colours are evident in their cooking. Along with the food being cooked for a short time, a good meal can also be enjoyed for a few hours between breaks when families gather to share their experiences and reconnect with old memories.

Ingredients can be an important part of Italian culture such as olive oil, pasta, and wine. Olive oil was considered a source used to substitute fat from animals or even butter because it was considered healthier than a Mediterranean diet used in sauces, pasta, meat, and seafood. Pasta is considered a separate course usually eaten with just sauce. Considered an important part of the culture which is shared throughout Italy and was influenced by a product brought back by Marco Polo which was soon slowly eaten made out of durum wheat. This food comes in lots of varieties and each region eats pasta in its style where people love to enjoy it slowly because of all the different tastes and flavours combined.

The Italian food culture has always stuck to the true quality of simply using what you got with a few requirements to make a meal. Different cultures' influences on Italian food have made the food eaten very unique with different dishes in each region all using local products to create their traditional meals. These can be shared at festivals or with family to create memories with those who like good food as others."

Italy is a beautiful country with amazing food. In this essay, Italian Cuisines are described to have simplicity with various organic and locally produced ingredients. Rustic, simple, and flavourful are the key elements used in Italian food making it incredibly irresistible and delicious!

 5. Traditional Chinese Cuisine and Its Features

"Chinese cuisine, with a long history, multiple styles and traditions, and unique cooking methods, is integral to the great Chinese culture. The Chinese are very sensitive to food, knowing how to appreciate every cup of rice. Moreover, there is no concept of a light snack here because this shows disrespect for food. Food is a pleasure, and its preparation is a whole philosophy. Traditional Chinese cuisine is famous for a wide variety of dishes, and each province necessarily has its speciality, defending the right to be the best cuisine in the country.

Ma Po Tofu

One of the most ancient Chinese dishes is Ma Po Tofu, which has a history of over 100 years. The word Ma means the spicy and tangy flavour in this dish, which comes from pepper powder, one of Sichuan cuisine’s most commonly used ingredients. Tofu is flavoured with the addition of ground beef and finely chopped green onions.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Whether it’s a Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant, chain restaurant, or fast food stall, every Chinese restaurant has traditional Sweet and Sour Pork on the menu. The main version of the dish, which is a piece of pork with a crispy crust on the outside and juicy pulp on the inside in a sweet and sour sauce, is cooked everywhere. But depending on the region and taste preferences, a variety of ingredients are added to this dish and served with vegetables or a bright aromatic fruit such as pineapple.

Peking Roasted Duck

Speaking of the old recipes of Chinese cuisine, it is difficult not to recall the legendary Peking roasted duck, the recipe for which appeared already during the Ming Empire in the 15th century. A precious part of the Peking duck is its thin and crunchy skin. Duck thinly sliced is usually served with tortillas, sweet bean sauce, or soy with minced garlic.

Fa Gao

Fa Gao is a traditional dessert for celebrating the Chinese New Year. At this time, it is customary to prepare Fa Gao, painted in bright colours. One of the features of Fa Gao is its appearance. The top of the cake cracks and opens during the preparation process, resembling a smile or a flower. Thus, colourful cupcakes symbolize blossoming flowers, full of strength and hope for a brighter future."

This expository essay talks about the general characteristics of Chinese food and its importance and influence on Chinese cooking culture. The author also added a bit of a twist by talking about different types of famous Chinese dishes that are most common in Chinese restaurants.


You will never run out of things to talk about when creating essays about food. It can be about nutrition and different cuisines because food and proper nutrition are integral parts of life. It is a universal language that brings us humans closer together regardless of ethnicity or culture.

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