Top 5 Best AI Essay Writers 2023

Jan 18, 2023

Looking to produce High-Quality Essays 10x faster in 2023? Read on!

Artificial Intelligence has become more prevalent in recent years due to advancing technology, and AI essay writers are just one of many. It has enabled content writers to combat writer's block and all sorts of issues while improving their writing skills because Artificial Intelligence is already becoming a potent tool for assisting writers to produce high-quality content from scratch.

Here you will find out more about our top picks for some of the most popular AI Essay Writing tools this 2023 in order to take your essay writing to the next level.

1.'s Essay Writing Assistant and Generator have an AI-powered essay writing assistant and generator that helps students write better essays faster. It uses a natural language processing model (NLP) to understand the student’s writing style, grammar, and structure and then provides personalized feedback on improving their essay.

The AI-based system can help students with everything from brainstorming ideas to organising their thoughts into an arranged structure or almost completed work with only a bit of input.

One cool feature of's essay writing assistant and generator that differentiates it from the rest is its Citing Feature.'s Citing Feature is a unique and powerful tool that helps students quickly and accurately cite sources in their essays which is also very helpful for research papers.

If you want to take to the next level, they have different pricing plans according to your preferred subscription which characters per month will vary according to price, but it is still very much worth it due to their affordable pricing model and features offers. 


Work smarter, not harder. Is a motto that advocates and embodies. This fantastic tool not only corrects grammar but also takes context from your work and suggests what to write next as well as recommends the perfect tone for that specific type of content with a few simple inputs. Grammatical issues and writer's block certainly won't ever be an issue when you use this tool. 

Using is fairly simple - with just a few simple inputs, choose a type of essay then Smodin will generate high-quality and plagiarism-free content.

One amazing key feature has is its multi-language support feature where you can select a preferred language of your choice and generate content using that.

This popular AI writing tool has a free limited trial version with limited features, but if you are planning on producing multiple essays and articles per month, their most popular subscription-based pricing plan is the Essentials with unlimited rewrites, plagiarism checks, and translations to any language for only $10 a month.

3. Essay AI Lab

This software uses AI to assist with essay writing by providing suggestions for grammar, structure, and style. Essay AI Lab is a fantastic free tool that helps writers create complete essays in around 15-30 minutes. They have an unlimited search database where the AI searches from millions of credible resources for your essays in just a few simple inputs. 

They have all the basic features you are looking for in an AI essay writer like auto-writing suggestions, plagiarism checkers, and grammar checkers that enable you to create posts in minutes. 

But one amazing key feature Essay AI Lab has is its MLA & APA citations. This feature takes the hassle out of doing different types of required citations with your research papers with just a bit of input.

4. Essay Genius

Essay Genius is all about cutting your writing time in half by incorporating AI-generated content with your work. They use cutting-edge AI technology to help writers produce high-quality essays throughout the entire writing process.

It can be used for a variety of tasks, from brainstorming ideas to proofreading and editing. It can also generate content based on the writer’s input, making it easier to create a well-crafted essay. It uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to understand the context of the essay and generate relevant content. The AI engine also has access to a vast library of resources, such as articles, books, and other sources.

Essay Genius is the perfect tool for any student or professional who needs help writing an essay. It eliminates the need to spend hours researching and writing, allowing users to focus on other tasks. The AI engine can generate content quickly and accurately, ensuring that essays are written in a timely manner.

Furthermore, it can be used to improve existing essays by providing additional context from its 'Showcase Tab' where you can browse a wide range of existing essays and topics that might help users get ideas and inspirations for content writing topics in a matter of minutes.

5. The Good AI

The content creation process for essays requires a lot of preparation and research in order to get started with the whole thing. The Good AI eliminates those factors with its AI-powered essay writing software that assists users with grammar, structure, and style.

They have two notable features users can use in essay creation which is the essay writer and the essay outliner. The Essay writer produces content relevant to the information users provided for their topics as well as utilizing search engines to get resources for topics. The Essay Outliner creates a structure from which the essay will be created. This is helpful for creating whole research papers because you can have the whole content outlined for you.


Overall, AI is becoming the future of writing and having top-notch AI writing software is a must-have if you want to produce high-quality pieces of content. Though there are still some downsides if you want to completely rely on AI for entire blog posts like incorrect content and information as all-in-one solutions for essay writing are yet to be achieved, these writer tools we provided in this post are still very much reliable and all of them come with a bunch of creativity features and natural language processing technology.

Some of our suggestions in this post have free plans and some have premium plans with affordable pricing models and trial versions. Whichever you choose, all these tools have powerful language models that are capable of helping you create high-quality content for your essays. especially when creating content from scratch.

In our honest opinion, the best way to generate written output is to combine a powerful AI writing assistant with human intervention when producing AI-assisted types of content because the quality of writing may greatly suffer if you solely rely on AI for your output.

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